I Have Returned!


It's been quite a long time, hasn't it? I went on vacation a few weeks back and I also acquired a job. But in all honesty, there really isn't any excuse at all, I still had plenty of free time on my hands as well and I should have spent it doing this.

But I didn't.

So I am back.

After my hiatus, I realized that I really miss this. I miss showing what I do to anyone to reads this silly thing. Do you accept my apology? Please?! Perfect! Cause I'm glad to be back.

So what have I been doing, you would like to know? I suppose I could just tell you. Or I could show you!
Well first off, I won a cupcake contest!! Every year, our town has an ice cream social, and this year it was the 100th anniversary so they decided to do a birthday party theme and include a cupcake contest in the festivities. Without hesitation, I entered. I had to make 100 mini cupcakes and 12 regular cupcakes on the day of the social. After much contemplation I decided to make my strawberry cupcakes with lemon buttercream frosting (as seen here). They were a hit! I was so excited and very surprised when they called my name on stage and said that I won first place! I received ice cream for a year and that big trophy (that is now sitting on the desk in my foyer for all to see when they come in the door). They also had a little write-up in the paper about the social and my name was in it and everything! I was amazed, and it was such a cool moment.

Next off,
I went to IRELAND!!

It was absolutely ahhh-mazing and I had the time of my life. My family and I flew up to Boston and stayed there for a day and a half, which is so beautiful by the way, then we flew over to Shannon, Ireland. When we landed, it was 6am Ireland time but only 1am our time, so we were all verrry tired. After sleeping for a good nine hours, we were all awake and headed over to a local pub and had dinner, listened to a couple of Irish men play music, and just hung out the rest of the evening.

The next day we headed to the Cliffs of Moher, the scenery in most of the pictures, and let me tell you...it was gorgeous!! Also, if you've seen the movie Leap Year, that's the place where Declan gives Anna the claddagh ring and proposes to her.

After staying the night in Lahinch we made our way to Westport the next morning. That is where our family is from, and we still have a  95-year old cousin who lives over there. Westport was probably my favorite place. It reminded me so much of the town I live in now, with all the cute shops downtown, but definitely cooler just because it's in Ireland. :) On the second day in Westport we took a trip out on the bay and went fishing. It was very fun, but I'm just not a huge fishing fanatic. I tried to catch a few, but failed, so I graciously handed the pole back to my brother for him to continue. The most exciting part for me was just being out there on the water, with a nice breeze, and beautiful scenery. And I even saw a seal!!

After two days in Westport we drove to the complete other side of the country to Dublin. By this time, everyone had spent a ton of time with each other in close quarters, so being in a van for four hours wasn't the best of times, but I shook that feeling of annoyance off because we were in Ireland! And we were headed for the capital! Once we made it we decided sight-seeing was a must. So my brother, my two cousins, and I went out to explore. We saw O'Connell street, which I absolutely loved, for obvious reasons, went over to check out Temple Bar, and then just walked around looking for pretty places and beautiful scenery. And let me tell you, it was everywhere.

The next day we took a bus tour of Dublin, which was very informative and fun, and then toured the Guinness Brewery. It was a nice last day in Ireland. Most of the trip was very laid back and cozy, which I loved, but it was very nice to see the city in all of it's glory and spend time with my family as well.

Overall, I had a blast! I can't stop thinking about Ireland and if I could, I would move there in a heartbeat. There wasn't one thing about that country and the places we visited that I didn't love.

So I will leave you with this...
Two Words: Candy Cake!

And this too...
Three Words: Cutest Dog Ever!

Until next time, 

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